Who We Are


In 1890, Toronto dentists first formed as a group, called the Toronto Dental Society. In 1906, sixteen years later, the group reinvented themselves to "form a society on a basis more suited to the demands of a profession of busy men in the most progressive city in a progressive country". The organization continued to thrive over the years and officially become the Toronto Academy of Dentistry on May 8, 1922.

The annual fee for membership was $5.00 and they shared office space and staff with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons (RCDS).

The Academy held spring and winter conferences for many years, attracting several hundred dentists to each meeting. What was once called Clinic Night was formally changed to Winter Clinic for the December 8, 1937 meeting.

Any Dentist who is an ODA member who practices in Toronto and belongs to North Toronto Dental Society, Toronto East Dental Society, Toronto Central Dental Society or West Toronto Dental Society, is automatically a member of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry and is part of their long-standing heritage.

The Toronto Academy of Dentistry draws from the four Toronto component societies for its Board and Committee members.

The Toronto Academy of Dentistry IS the four Toronto component societies and all that is does is for - and on behalf - of these societies.

Mission Statement

The Toronto Academy of Dentistry, a respected leader and resource to the dental profession in the Metropolitan Toronto Area since 1890, is dedicated to enhancing the professional lives of its members through guidance, education and service.

Core Values
  • Advancement of the art and science of dentistry
  • Promote the highest ideals of dental practice
  • Cultivate harmony and good fellowship among the members of the dental community

2016 Academy Events and Services
  • Annual Ski for Kids - February 5, Alpine Ski Club, Collingwood
  • Annual Golf Classic - June 3, Angus Glen Golf Club, Markham
  • Honours Night - November 10
  • 79th Annual Winter Clinic - November 11
  • On-line event calendar with a listing of dental related events and meetings
  • Component societies web updates and links
  • Mediation services (assisting patient/dental relationships)
  • Free Dentist Referral Program

The Vision

The Toronto Academy of Dentistry is an organization of the Toronto Ontario Dental Association member dentists. Its function is to provide Toronto dentists with professional development opportunities and programs of fellowship, organizational support and services for its members and member groups, and local community assistance.

The Process

A governing Council of elected members will guide its actions in accordance with an established Constitution.


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