Component Societies

The Toronto Academy of Dentistry is comprised of the Four Toronto ODA component societies. If you are an ODA member and belong to one of the four Toronto Dental Societies, you are a member of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry.

The Toronto Dental Societies that compose the Toronto Academy of Dentistry are:

Toronto Central Dental Society West Toronto Dental Society
Toronto East Dental Society North Toronto Dental Society

Toronto Central Dental Society
President Dr. Joanne Collins  
Past President Dr. Carrie Hui  
Vice President Dr. Siavash Hassanpour  
Treasurer Dr. Karam Ashoo  
Secretary Dr. Doreh Behzadpoor  
Long Term Care Co-ordinator Dr. Quyen Su  
Political Action Dr. Robert Carroll  
Mediations Chair Dr. Trong Qui Dao  
Mediations Committee Dr. Marita Hausmanis
Dr. Jack Slome
Honours and Awards Dr. Marita Hausmanis  
Brush-a-mania Representatives Dr. Carrie Hui
Dr. Siavash Hassanpour
TAD Board Members Dr. Susanna Chow
Dr. Salvador Alcaire
Sponsorship Committee Dr. Doreh Behzadpoor
Dr. Monica Raina
RCDSO Councillor Dr. Amelia Chan  
ODA Board Liaison Dr. Melissa Milligan  
4th Year Dental Student Rep Rebecca Phillips  
3rd Year Dental Student Rep TBC  
Administrator Mrs. Dolly McIntosh  

Councillors and Alternates

Dr. Joanne Collins Dr. Trong Qui Dao
Dr. Rejane Correa Dr. Doreh Behzadpoor
Dr. Carrie Hui Dr. Adam Grossman
Dr. Samira Jaffer Dr. Quyen Su
Dr. Renu Varshney Dr. Monica Raina
Dr. Karam Ashoo Dr. Susanna Chow
Dr. Siavash Hassanpour Dr. Marita Hausmanis

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Toronto East Dental Society
President Dr. Deborah Lin 416.298.3232
Past President Dr. John Ibrahim 416.694.1987
Vice President Dr. Lance Isaac 416.438.7878
Treasurer Dr. Sue-Lynn Chin 416.292.4944
Secretary Dr. Matthew Yu 416.752.0328

ODA Councillors

Dr. Amir Awadalla
Dr. Monica Cobzac  
Dr. Theresa Doan
Dr. Jan Hanna  
Dr. John Ibrahim  
Dr. Nick Sanci  
Dr. Shanmugam Sivanesan  
Dr. Matthew Yu  

TAD Board Members

Dr. Larry Rotman
Dr. Shanmugam Sivanesan  

Committee Chairs

Mediation Dr. Allan Levy
Political Contact Dr. Bruce Rubin
Community Involvement Dr. Anthony DeSouza
Continuing Education Dr. Shervin Abbaszadeh
Event Planning Dr. Jan Hanna

North Toronto Dental Society
Past President Dr. Gary Fortinsky 416.225.1352
President Dr. Sheldon Cooper 416.225.7221
Vice President Dr. Bonnie Sidlofsky 416.225.1352
Secretary Dr. Ryan Schure 416.782.6774
Treasurer Dr. Matt Grinstein  

ODA General Council

Dr. Nelly Himell Dr. Bonnie Sidlofsky
Dr. Waji Khan Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Dr. Jill Levine Dr. Leda Thaci

TAD Board Members

Dr. William Lee  
Dr. Phil Novack  

Please contact Dr. Sheldon Cooper for any information about the North Toronto Dental Society at

West Toronto Dental Society
President Dr. Shonna Masse 416.252.5437
Past - President Dr. David Ho 416.766.1391
Vice President Dr. Abinnash Kaur 416-760-0404
Secretary Dr. Marijana Eic  
Treasurer Dr. Peter Wozniuk 905.860.0079

General Council

Dr. John Glenny 416.236.2686
Dr. John Simpson 416.767.4151
Dr. Daniel Fingrut 416.748.3353
Dr. Doug Cowdrey 416.746.3472
Dr. David Hanmer 416.233.6259
Dr. Tim Milligan 416.236.6225

TAD Board Members

Dr. Jack Fingrut 416.748.3353
Dr. Daniel Fingrut 416.748.3353


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